Clayton Fitzgerald has been playing for 25 years.  Playing
what you ask?  Well, at age 12 he was given his first electric
guitar for Christmas.  He began learning the chords from a
book and he hasn't put down the instruments since. After
learning the guitar, Clayton learned to play the drums and
bass guitar as well.  His next venture is to learn the fiddle,
banjo and ultimately the steel guitar.
Clayton’s first band was in high school with friends, Eddie and
Jonathan Friel.  He went on to played in a Heavy Metal band
and then two local Southern Rock bands on bass guitar and
then lead guitar.  He has sung and played  alongside many
local musicians and bands, and is an avid supporter of local
Clayton has also worked for the past 16 as a DJ for medium
and small scale events ranging from private parties, corporate
functions and charitable events.  

He currently plays in the praise band at his church, as well as
working on several local smaller scale projects.  

Clayton is married and together they have five beautiful