Ricky has been in the music business most of his life,over 50 years.  Playing the piano in
all of the churches and anywhere else his dad would take him. HIs first money made
was in the old HIgh Hatter bar in Waynesboro when he was 8 years old.   In his teenage
years he shifted to guitar and two of his friends the late great Scott Harman and Rusty
Kivett formed the group Freedom. At that same time he also with Bob Coeyman, MIke
Huffman and Larry Campbell had the gospel group Music Express.
When he was 15 Ricky's parents told Pete Martin at the Staunton Moose that he was a
good piano player.Believing he was to young to be in a bar band the Versatile Keys hired
another piano player and waited a year to hire Ricky.
When he  finally joined the Keys in 1974 he was there in a time when all the changes of
music was coming along. This band was a huge part of how Ricky learned how to be a
musician. Every member of that band helped mold him into the musician he is today.
Ted Owens played a big part in the countless nights at Whites Truck Stop teaching
Ricky how to literally relearn his craft. Pete Martin left the group in 1981 and the band
then went thru the Disco,Urban Cowboy, Newer Country,all types of music phase . Ricky
stayed in this band for 17 years leaving in 1991. Becoming a DJ and opening Ricks
Entertainment Dj services.
Constant worry  by Charley Miller got Ricky back into a band scene in 2000  and Ricky
became a Miller Brother and also a High on the Mountain Boy Gospel group performer.
Ricky always said everyone should have played for Charley Miller between Charley Vic
Rosen Tom Orne and Dave Wirtenen, traveling 3 states this was the funnest times you
could have ever had in a band.
Always wanting to have his own band Ricky in 2008 formed Freespirit which evolved
with a few different combinations. Then the opportunity to put together a band to
include his daughter Ashleigh in 2012 Prime was formed. This band puts together
members with enormous musical experience and styles. Ricky still has the passion to
play that has sustained him his whole life.